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Why you want us as your telecom partner to work together with you. We have the carrier relationships already which frees your time to focus on your core services and products.

What is your business model? Do you provide IT consulting services, Managed Solutions, maybe telecom-related hardware such as routers, PBX's, firewalls? Something else that is telecom-related?

handshakeIf so, we should talk about how a mutually beneficial partnership could work. We are always looking for good VAR partners, good sub-agents, and good MSP's to work with. We would work together on customers, and any customers that originate from you, we generously share the monthly residuals on those circuits, every month, for the life of the circuits.

From the standpoint of your customers, this is an added-value proposition for them because it offers them one stop shopping with you. You can provide them with the required circuit (although their contract is directly with the carrier), which frees your time to be able to focus on providing them with the products and services from your core market area.

Perhaps you already know that teaming with telecom carriers would be a good idea, so you have looked into creating your own partnership with some carriers. Do you really have the personnel and business volume that make that an effective partnership? There are several major problems with doing this on your own with your own partnership or agency agreements with some carriers; i.e.:

* How Many Carriers Can You Partner With At The Same Time?

You do not have the time or resources to be able to partner or form an agency with more than one or two carriers. But are those one or two carriers going to be the most cost effective solution for your clients? Probably not, when you have the ability to look quickly at the offerings from 40+ carriers.

And even after you partner with some carriers, do you have the time to develop a real relationship with the senior channel manager?  How much easier would it be to partner with someone who already has years of those important relationships established?

* Do You Have The Volume Of Business To Get The Carrier's Largest Discounts?

You very likely are not going to have the business volume to be able to get the highest level of discounts from the one or two carriers you partner with. And you can offer no guarantee that if your client went to the same carrier directly, that they could get a better price on the circuit. What does that do to your company's overall credibility?

* What  Is Your ROI On Having Your Own Employee Do This AND Establish All Those Carrier Relationships?

You may already know what your ROI is on having a superstar employee who can work with the carriers. Or if you don't know, I can assure you that it's almost 24 months. So can you afford to bring on an employee to focus on that task, where you won't see an ROI on that employee for almost 2 years, and without massive volume with the carriers, is not going to have the carrier relationships built to get your the best deals for your clients? hitgroundrunningOr, would it be more cost effective to hit the ground running, where you have the following advantages:

* What Is The Value To Your Customers If You Could Provide Them WithOne-Stop Shopping?

Providing "one stop shopping" for your customers, including your core products and services, as well as circuits and via our VAR partners, other associated services that your company may not provide, such as firewalls, demarc extensions, network traffic shaping, virtualization, or a host of other things.

Your company can be the focal point to provide all of your customer's telecom and IT needs, giving you more time to focus on what makes the most money for you which is your set of core products and services to your customers.

* Do You Have The Carrier Relationships To Be Able To Offer A Low Price Guarantee To Your Customers?

Being able to guarantee that for the circuits you offer to your clients on your letterhead, shopping from amongst 40+ top tier and first tier carriers that can provide anything from T1 to Gigabit Ethernet to a specific location, that you have a $500 guarantee that your client cannot go to the carrier directly and get a better price on the same circuit. How long would it take you to set up your own powerful guarantee, in writing, like that, a guarantee we've had in writing for 10 years already?

* Do You Have Ready Access To Carrier Senior Management To Solve Your Customer's Problems Quickly?

Having access to senior management within the carrier to assist your client with any problems that might arise in order to get issues resolved quickly and efficiently. Sometimes telling your customer to just log a trouble ticket with the 24x7 carrier's help desk is not enough, and we can help you go that extra mile.

* Can You Meet Your Carrier Quotas Every Month Easily?

You have no quotas to fulfill in order to obtain the highest level of circuit discounting because we already have that in place for you.Whether we partner on one circuit a month or 100 circuits a month, you still get that guaranteed low price for your customer without having to fulfill any quotas to get it.

* Partnering With Us Doesn't  Cost You A Cent Because We Understand What Partnership Means

With us as your partner, you have no expenses, no ROI to recoup, no salary or benefits to pay out for a new employee, but you have a superstar telecom partner who already has the carrier relationships, who has the guarantees, and has the carrier management relationships, and who also has insights into the carriers to advise you which ones are stronger and which are weaker in given geographic and technical areas.

* More Than A Partnership, You Can Make This A Profit Center

Telarus has been given the prestigious "Agency Of The Year" award for the past four consecutive years from the National Telecom Association. Not only does this partnership with us not cost you anything but you can also turn this relationship into a profit center for your company! For each circuit that we partner on that closes, we share in the residual commission on that circuit for the life of the circuit!

It is truly a match made in heaven and can be mutually beneficial. In fact, it is a win-win-win situation, because your client also wins by having the best possible price from amongst 40+ top carriers, as well as being able to do one stop shopping with you.

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