Ethernet Types

Business Ethernet is known by many different names and it can get confusing for a business owner, thinking that these various names are really different product offerings, when that really is not true. They can all be generally lumped into the category of Business Ethernet and now we can look at some of the different names that are used to describe them.

Many people have the mistaken impression that just because fiber is not available in their building today, that they cannot get Ethernet services but that is not true. Most reliable carriers are willing to run their fiber into a building at no additional charge, as long as the carrier’s cost to do so is not so huge that they could not recoup that expenditure, like if they had to trench fiber for 35 miles.

You may have options for EOC or Ethernet Over Copper, which as the name implies, is run over copper loops. On fiber, Ethernet usually starts at 10 MB and goes as far as you need it to go, like up to 10 GB and even more. Fast Ethernet is most common with speeds up to 100 MB, after which you get into Gigabit Ethernet.

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